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To experience the virtual multiuser world of Conversations with Angels you must have CCpro from blaxxun installed as your vrml plugin and be connected to the Internet. This will let you see other users as avatars, chat and talk with them and our bot characters. For the single user experience use a VRML 2 plugin such as blaxxun CC3D/CCpro. Other VRML 2 browsers should have no problems viewing the single user version of the world, although we do not guarrantee that all combinations of browsers and plugins will work. Come and enjoy!
Multiuser Single User
Multiuser version
blaxxun CCpro
Use this version to experience
Conversations with Angels
with other visitors online
Direct to the multiuser courtyard
Single-user version
blaxxun CCpro/CC3D
and other VRML 2 browsers
Note: Not Sony CP!!
Direct to the courtyard